The Personal Enrichment and Healthy Living program offers short-term courses for self-improvement, cultural enrichment, and academic achievement to individuals 18 years of age and older. It is intended to meet the growing needs and interests of the community, and we welcome you to participate in any courses of interest.
The purpose of this program is to give individuals a chance to pursue special interests and to fill their leisure time with worthwhile educational projects. Enrich your life and your health with classes through Rowan-Cabarrus!
After a long day sitting at your office or classroom desk, we know you’ll want to experiment with foreign language instruction, gardening, motorcycle riding and numerous other opportunities that promise excitement, new skills and friendships.
To see the personal enrichment courses we run, browse our program streams below: 

Program Streams

AGR-3001B - Sustainable Agriculture 101: Planning, Prep, and Planting
AGR-3001C - Sustainable Agriculture 102: Field & Greenhouse Management
AGR-3001D - Sustainable Agriculture 103: Agribusiness Marketing & Design
AGR-3001E - Sustainable Agriculture 104: Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade
AGR-3001F - Winter Farm Economics
AGR-3001G - Spring Planting & Soil Health
AGR-3001H - Mid-Summer Marketing: Agribusiness & Design
AGR-3001I - Late Summer Challenges & Greenhouse Management
AGR-3001J - Fall Harvest & Season Extension
AGR-3001K - Home-Scale Sustainable Vegetable Production
CIS-3100A - Computer Basics
COM-3709A - Sign Language I
COM-3709B - Sign Language II
CSP-4000A - Watercolors
CSP-4000AZ - Aromatherapy - Essential Oils
CSP-4000BI - Beginning Yoga
CSP-4000BO - Tai Chi
CSP-4000CH - Total Body Conditioning
CSP-4000CV - Basic Cake Decorating: Buttercream Bootcamp
CSP-4000CX - Aromatherapy: Essentials of Oils Level 2
CSP-4000CY - Aromatherapy: Essentials of Oils Level 3
CSP-4000CZ - Wildcrafting 101: Native Plant Foraging
CSP-4000DA - Eating Healthy on a Shoestring Budget
CSP-4000DB - Gluten-Free Cooking
CSP-4000DC - Sugar Free Cooking & Superfoods
CSP-4000DE - Essentials of Essentials Oils
CSP-4000DF - Fragrant Living: Renewal of the Mind
CSP-4000DG - Fragrant Living: Diffuse the Tension
CSP-4000DH - Fragrant Living: Ease the Pain
CSP-4000DI - Culinary Artistry Basics: Garden Vegetables
CSP-4000DJ - Culinary Artistry Intermediate: Garden Vegetables
CSP-4000DK - Culinary Artistry Basics: Fresh Fruits
CSP-4000DL - Culinary Artistry Intermediate: Fresh Fruits
CSP-4000DM - Community Immunity: Elderberry Syrup & Immuni-Tea
CSP-4000DN - Leaves Make Great Tomatoes: Home Composting
CSP-4000DO - Continue the Harvest! Fall Vegetable Gardening
CSP-4000DR - Fall Foraging
CSP-4000DS - Fruit Selection for the Landscape
CSP-4000DT - Home Composting
CSP-4000EK - Make-Up Artistry for Beauty-On-The-Go
CSP-4000EL - Basic Fall & Winter Gardening
CSP-4000ERS - Experienced Rider Skills BRC2-SP
CSP-4000GB - Gardening Basics
CSP-4000GH - From the Windowsill to the Garden: Starting Plants From Seed
CSP-4000GI - A Cut Above: Pruning Fruit Trees for Better Health & Production
CSP-4000GJ - When Can I Plant Tomatoes? Garden Planning for the Complete Beginner
CSP-4000GK - The Family Garden: More Fresh Food From the Home Landscape
CSP-4000GL - Something's Eating My Plants: A Baker's Dozen of the Most Common Garden Pests
CSP-4000GM - Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for a Healthier Garden
CSP-4000GN - Go Forth and Multiply: Plant Propagation
CSP-4000GO - Good Soil: A Gardener's Guide to Soil Testing
CSP-4000GP - An Apple a Day: Fruit Plants for a Healthy Family
CSP-4000HM - Paint the Bob Ross Way
CSP-4000HN - Acrylic Painting
CSP-4000LWC - License Waiver Course BRC2-LW For Permitted Riders
CSP-4000MTW - Motorcycle Basic Rider - 3 Wheel
CSP-4000mbr - Motorcycle Basic Rider Course
CTS-3255A - A+ CompTIA Prep Core 1
CTS-3255EP - A+ CompTIA Cert Exam Prep
DES-3429A - Interior Design
FLI-3717A - Spanish for Educators
FLI-3717F - Medical Spanish
FLI-3717H - Conversational Spanish I
FLI-3717I - Conversational Spanish II
FLI-3717K - Conversational Spanish III
FLI-3717R - Basic Spanish I
FLI-3717S - Basic Spanish II
MNT-3103B - Fork Lift Operator 12 Hours
OST-3100P - MS Excel 2016 Boot Camp
OST-3100Q - MS Office 2016 Boot Camp
OST-3100R - MS Outlook
OST-3100S - Office Software Applications
OST-3100WEP - MS Specialist Word Exam Prep
OST-3100X - MS Office 2019 Fundamentals
PHO-3001A - Digital Photography
PHO-3001C - Photoshop Fundamentals
PHO-3001D - Introduction to Digital Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC
RLS-3700LL - Real Estate Pre-Licensing Learning Lab
SEF-3001RZ - Organic Vegetable Production
SEF-3001TH - Winter Garden
SEF-3001TV - Growing Your Own Mushrooms
SEF-3001TW - Native Tree Identification
SEF-3001UJ - Self Defense for Woman
SEF-3001UL - Herbal Harvest: Growing Harvesting & Storing Your Own Herbs
SEF-3001VH - Medicinal Herb Symposium
SEF-3001VQ - From Kitchen to Retail
SEF-3001WO - Sensory Craft Bev
SEF-3001YB - Core Supervision & Coaching Skills
SEF-3001YC - LC III Catalyst  
SEF-3001YF - Drawing Fundamentals I
WLD-3106AC - Welding Level 1
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