Program Streams

CJC-3942A - Telecommunicator Certification Course
CJC-3952BBP - Bloodborne Pathogens
CJC-3952BX - Positively Impacting Today's Youth (LEO)
CJC-3952DW - Intelligence Update for Telecommunicator
CJC-3952E - Legal Update Training
CJC-3952EN - Rifle Qualification & Combat Course
CJC-3952ER - DV: Protecting Victims (LEO)
CJC-3952ES - Improving Decision Making Skills (LEO)
CJC-3952ET - Protecting Our Officers: Suicide, Prevention for LEO
CJC-3952EU - Narcotics Identification for Patrol Officers
CJC-3952EX - In-Service Firearms Training
CJC-3952EY - In-Service Firearms Qualification
CJC-3952EZ - Firearms Class, Combat & Qualification
CJC-3952FC - Legal Update (Detention)
CJC-3952FJ - Law Enforcement Intelligence Update
CJC-3952FK - Recognizing Substance & Withdrawal (Detention)
CJC-3952FS - Human Trafficking Awareness
CJC-3952FV - Improving Decision Making Skills (Detention)
CJC-3952GJ - When Disaster Strikes (Detention)
CJC-3952GR - Detention Officer Intelligence Update
CJC-3952GV - SCAT Refresher (Detention)
CJC-3952HAZ - Hazardous Materials
CJC-3952HB - Protecting our Officers: Suicide Prevention for Detention
CJC-3952HO - Health & Wellness (Detention)
CJC-3952HP - Firearms Training & Qualification
CJC-3952HT - Officer Safety: Use of Force Overview
CJC-3952HV - Post Critical Incident Stress Management (Telecommunicator)
CJC-3952IN - Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence (Telecommunicator)
CJC-3952IR - Improving Decision Making Skills (Telecommunicator)
CJC-3952IS - Health & Wellness (tele)
CJC-3952IT - Protecting Our Officers: Suicide Prevention for Telecommunicators
CJC-3952IU - AR Patrol Carbine Classroom & Qualification
CJC-3952IV - De-Escalation Training
CJC-3952IW - Strategies to Improve Law Enforcement Interactions & Relationships With Youth
CJC-3952IX - Equality in Policing
CJC-3952IY - Communication Skills With Persons in Crisis: De-Escalation Techniques
CJC-3952IZ - Leadership Through Community Partnership
CJC-3952JA - Officer Safety: Surviving Planned Attacks Against Law Enforcement Officers
CJC-3952JB - Recognizing Warning Signs & Strategies Associated With Mental Illness
CJC-3952JC - Equality in Detention Practices
CJC-3952JD - Communication Skills With Persons in Crisis: De-Escalation Techniques Detention
CJC-3952JE - Career Survival (detention)
CJC-3952JF - Leadership Through Mentoring
CJC-3952JG - Communications Center Trainer
CJC-3952JH - Equality in Policing Telecommunicator
CJC-3952JI - Communication Skills With Persons in Crisis - De-escalation Techniques Telecommunicator
CJC-3952JJ - Leadership Through Community Partnership (telecommunicator)
CJC-3952JK - Officer Safety: Supporting Public Safety Professionals Against Planned Attacks
CJC-3952JL - Juvenile Law Update
CJC-3952JM - Individual Wellness: Coping With Stress & PTSD
CJC-3952JN - Best Practices for Officers During Community Dissent
CJC-3952JO - Law Enforcement Intelligence Update: Gangs & Divisive Groups
CJC-3952JP - Domestic Violence: Law and Procedure Update
CJC-3952JQ - Opioid Awareness and Response
CJC-3952JR - Leadership and Professional Development
CJC-3952JS - OSHA Hazardous Communications
CJC-3952JT - Inmate Suicide Prevention (detention)
CJC-3952JU - Armed/Unarmed Security & Campus Police: Understanding Their Roles and Authority
CJC-3952JV - Career Survival: Training & Standards Issues
CJC-3952JW - Communication Strategies When Encountering Persons Who Are Deaf Or Hard of Hearing
CJC-3952JX - The Signs Within: Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness
CJC-3952JY - Long Term Effects of Childhood Adversity
CJC-3952JZ - Law Enforcement Threat Assessment
CJC-3952KD - Continue to Make a Difference: Positive Engagement Stories and Studies
CJC-3952KE - School Safety & Responding to School Incidents
CJC-3952KG - Officer Awareness: Responding To Victims of Trauma
CJC-3952KH - Patrol Vehicle Operations
CJC-3952KI - Physical Mental Wellness: Building & Implementing a Plan for Improvement
CJC-3952KJ - Followership: Being an Influential Employee
CJC-3952KK - Inmate Mental Health
CJC-3952KL - Transportation & Security of Inmates
CJC-3952KM - Cell Management and Control
CJC-3952KN - Critical Thinking for Telecommunicators
CJC-3952KO - VIPER System & ESInet Explained
CJC-3952KP - Handling the Active Assailant Incident
CJC-3952KQ - Shift Management Skills in the Communication Center
CJC-3952KR - Community & Responder Engagement: Identifying the Telecommunicator's Role
CJC-3952KS - Promoting Career Development and Survival
CJC-3952KT - Ethics (Telecom): Preempting Misconduct & Increasing Integrity
CJC-3952KU - Duty Related Trauma (Telecom)
CJC-3952KV - Stress in the Communications Center: Developing Healthy Responses (Telecom)
CJC-3952KW - The Telecommunicator's Role in Crisis Management
CJC-3952KX - Broadcasting Techniques and Radio Etiquette
CJC-3952KY - Creating a Safety Net
CJC-3952KZ - Domestic Violence: The Psychology of Whether to Stay or Go
CJC-3952LA - Ethics (LE): Preempting, Misconduct and Increasing Integrity
CJC-3952LB - Practicing Proactive Wellness
CJC-3952LC - Raising the Bar: Enhancing Community Engagement
CJC-3952LD - Incorporating a Co-Response: Partnering With Community Professionals
CJC-3952LE - Subversive Groups: Maneuvering Encounters with Fringe Groups
CJC-3952LF - The Process of De-Escalation: Listening, Talking Defensive Tactics
CJC-3952LG - Ethics (Det): Preempting Misconduct & Increasing Integrity
CJC-3952LH - Preserving the Detention Center Crime Scene
CJC-3952LI - Promoting Career Development & Survival
CJC-3952LK - Conflict Management & Communication
CJC-3952LL - De-escalation Techniques
CJC-3952LM - Practicing Cultural Sensitivity in the Detention Center
CJC-3952LN - Compliance & Subject Control
CJC-3952LO - Enhancing Community Policing
CJC-3952LP - Ethics and Duty to Intervene
CJC-3952LQ - Juvenile Justice Issues and Challenges
CJC-3952LR - Mental Health Responses
CJC-3952LS - Accountability and Use of Force Report Writing
CJC-3952LT - Compliance and Subject Control
CJC-3952LU - Critical Stress on the Job - Law Enforcement
CJC-3952LV - Liability of Patrol Vehicle Operation
CJC-3952LW - Recognizing Assaultive Behaviors - Law Enforcement
CJC-3952LX - Recognizing Fake IDs
CJC-3952LY - Critical Incident Exposure: Detention
CJC-3952LZ - New Rules Update - Detention
CJC-3952M - CPR Re-Certification
CJC-3952MA - Recognizing Assaultive Behaviors - Detention
CJC-3952MB - ADA & HIPAA in the Detention Center
CJC-3952MC - Cell Extractions
CJC-3952MD - Gang Awareness - Detention
CJC-3952lj - Protecting our Resources
CJC-4040A - NCJA SRO Training
CJC-5000Q - Law Enforcement Investigations: A Trauma Informed Approach
CJC-5000R - Domestic Highway Enforcement Regional Training
CJC-5005AJ - Death Investigation
CJC-5005AQ - How to Interview Like a Psychopath
CJC-5005AX - White Supremacy Neo-Nazi & Racist Skinhead Groups
CJC-5005AY - Cold Case Investigation
CJC-5005AZ - Domestic Terrorism & Extremist Groups
CJC-5005BA - Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Neo-Nazi and Racist Skinhead Groups
CJC-5005BB - Investigating Officer Involved Shootings
CJC-5005BC - Introduction to Fire Science/Arson Investigation
CJC-5005BD - Fundamentals of the Investigative Process
CJC-5005BE - Fentanyl Awareness
CJC-5005BF - Violent Crime Profiling - Behavioral Aspects of Crime Scene Reconstruction
CJC-5005BH - Thinking Errors of Sexual Offenders
CJC-5005BJ - Interviewing Persons With Intellectual Disabilities - Breaking Thru the Barrier
CJC-5005BK - Introduction to Financial Crimes
CJC-5005BM - Burglary & Property Crimes
CJC-5005BN - Criminal Sexual Victimization of Children
CJC-5005BO - Criminal Sexual Paraphilias
CJC-5005BP - Domestic Violence: From Obsessive Love To Murder
CJC-5005BQ - Threat Assessment
CJC-5005BS - Antifa, White Nationalists and Domestic Terrorism
CJC-5005BT - Interviewing Generation ME!
CJC-5005BU - Interacting w/Persons w/Intellectual Disabilities: An Investigator's Perspective
CJC-5005BV - Child Abuse and Fatality Investigations
CJC-5005BW - Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
CJC-5005BX - Shooting Reconstruction
CJC-5005BY - Introduction to Criminal Investigative, Analysis
CJC-5005CB - Money Laundering - Cartels, Terrorism & Illicit Finance Investigations
CJC-5005CC - Search and Seizure
CJC-5005CD - Warrants & Affidavit Writing
CJC-5005CE - Managing Confidential Informants
CJC-5005CF - Legally Justified; But Was It Avoidable
CJC-5005CH - The Concept of Persuasion
CJC-5005CJ - Investigating Allegations
CJC-5005CK - Interviewing Head to Poe: The Magic of Making the Connection With the Interviewee
CJC-5005CN - Post Admission Interviewing
CJC-5005CO - Fraud Related Interviewing
CJC-5005CP - Investigative Discourse Analysis Level 2
CJC-5005CQ - Homicide Investigation Responsibilities for Supervisors & Senior Investigators
CJC-5005CR - In Search of the Linguistic Black Swan
CJC-5005CS - Conducting an Interview Premortem
CJC-5005CT - Conducting Remote Interviews
CJC-5005CU - Surviving the First Three Minutes of Your Interview
CJC-5005CV - Interviewing the Suspected Child Abuser Level II
CJC-5005CW - Forensic Genealogy
CJC-5005CX - Forensic Entomology
CJC-5005CY - Use of Force: Policy Review
CJC-5005CZ - Forensics for Solving Homicides
CJC-5005D - Human Trafficking
CJC-5005DB - Evaluating Tool Marks Footprints & Tire Tracks
CJC-5005DD - Background Investigation
CJC-5005DF - Interview & Interrogation For Homicides
CJC-5005DG - Buried Bodies & Skeletal Remains
CJC-5005DH - Forensic Anthropology
CJC-5005DI - Proactive & Undercover Investigations
CJC-5005DJ - Interviewing Victims of Sexual Assault
CJC-5005DK - Informant Management: Supervisor's Perspective
CJC-5005DL - Forensic Interviewing & Interrogation Techniques for Conservation Officers
CJC-5005DM - Threat of Drones
CJC-5005DN - Indoor Flight
CJC-5005DQ - Elicitation Techniques & the Interview Process
CJC-5005DS - Basic Crime Scene Photography
CJC-5005DT - Vehicle and Foot Surveillance
CJC-5005DW - Detecting Deception Within Interpersonal Communication
CJC-5005DX - Preventing Inadvertent Interviewer Disclosure
CJC-5005DY - Profiling Violent Crime
CJC-5005EC - Child Sex Abuse Investigation
CJC-5005ED - Trajectory Analysis and Bullet Reconstruction
CJC-5005EF - Basic Narcotics Investigation
CJC-5005EG - Drone Mapping & Traffic Reconstruction
CJC-5005EH - Advanced Informant Management
CJC-5005F - Drug Investigation for Patrol Officers
CJC-5005G - Domestic Terrorism
CJC-5005GH - Homegrown Violent Extremism in North Carolina
CJC-5005K - Digital Crime Scene Photography
CJC-5005O - Sovereign Citizens
CJC-5005Q - Investigative Discourse Analysis
CJC-5005QQ - Child Abuse: Death Investigation
CJC-5005RR - Basic Search Warrant Drafting
CJC-5005UU - Body Language Interviewing
CJC-5005V - A Simple Guide to St Drugs for Law Enforcement
CJC-5010AP - Use of Force Management for School Resource Officers
CJC-5010AQ - Use of Force for Field Training Officers
CJC-5010AS - The Law of Mass Protests
CJC-5010AT - Intervention Tactics: Duty to Intervene in Excessive Force or Misconduct Incidents
CJC-5010AU - Disciplinary Process Review
CJC-5010AW - Professional and Organizational Ethics: The Duty to Intervene
CJC-5010AX - Fundamentals of Juvenile Law
CJC-5010C - Decision Making for Law Enforcement Officers
CJC-5010D - Police Law Institute Update
CJC-5010F - Use of Force: Risk Management for Supervisors
CJC-5010G - Constitutional Law
CJC-5010H - Use of Force Management for Officers: Resister Training
CJC-5010I - Advanced Conducted Electrical Weapons Instructor Risk Management Course
CJC-5010K - Use of Force Risk Management Instructor
CJC-5010L - NC & Federal Firearms Laws
CJC-5015AH - Personnel Legal Issues for Law Enforcement Leaders
CJC-5015AK - Internal Affairs
CJC-5015AM - Police Administration: Policy Development & Strategic Planning
CJC-5015AO - Mentoring the New Or Underachieving Police Officer
CJC-5015AP - Managing the Media in Law Enforcement
CJC-5015AQ - Behavior Based Interviewing
CJC-5015AR - Performance Management Process / Cycle
CJC-5015AS - Communicating in Crisis
CJC-5015AT - Media & Communications for Command Staff
CJC-5015AU - Crisis Communications Manual Preparation Workshop
CJC-5015AV - Basic Principles for Leadership
CJC-5015AX - The Interview & Interrogation of the Mad, Bad & Sad
CJC-5015AY - Leadership in Action: Becoming a Self-Aware Leader
CJC-5015BB - Civil Liability for Supervisors
CJC-5015BC - Legal Issues for Campus Law Enforcement Officers
CJC-5015BD - Police Canines in Public Schools
CJC-5015BF - Search & Seizure for Patrol Officers
CJC-5015BH - Legal Issues Crime Scene Searches
CJC-5015BL - Supervision & Leadership Development for Non Sworn Personnel
CJC-5015BM - Goal Setting and Results Achieving Life Strategies
CJC-5015BN - Common Sense Leadership
CJC-5015BO - Field Training Officer Refresher
CJC-5015BP - Grant Writing
CJC-5015BR - Crisis Communications in Law Enforcement
CJC-5015H - Performance Evaluation
CJC-5015L - Effective Leadership
CJC-5015Q - Promotional Process/Assessment Center
CJC-5015QV - Concepts & Practices for Professional Supervision & Leadership Review
CJC-5015S - Media and Press Relations
CJC-5015V - Leadership Enrichment & Development
CJC-5015X - Recruitment Selection & Hiring
CJC-5020A - Tactical Ops
CJC-5020AB - Advanced Tactical Entry
CJC-5020AD - Ground Control for Law Enforcement
CJC-5020AF - Expandable Baton, Pepper Spray & Handcuffing Certification
CJC-5020AK - Advanced Tactical Handgun
CJC-5020AL - Bus Assault/Rescue
CJC-5020AM - Basic Tactical Ballistic Shield
CJC-5020AN - Advanced Tactical Ballistic Shield
CJC-5020AR - High Risk Warrant Service
CJC-5020AX - Basic Submachine Gun Operator
CJC-5020AZ - SWAT Scenarios
CJC-5020BF - Self Defense for Female Officers
CJC-5020BP - Tactical Handgun Operator
CJC-5020BQ - Tactical Rifle Operator
CJC-5020BS - Tactical Man-Tracking II
CJC-5020BV - Basic Gang Investigator
CJC-5020BY - Negotiation Awareness for Emergency Telecommunicators
CJC-5020BZ - Sniper Applications in Today's Events
CJC-5020CA - Tactical Dignitary Protection
CJC-5020CI - Crisis Negotiations Level I
CJC-5020CK - Public Safety: Response to the Active Shooter
CJC-5020CN - Civil Liability for SRT/SWAT
CJC-5020CQ - Threat Assessment for SRO & School Rampage Shooter
CJC-5020CV - ASP Certification
CJC-5020CW - Crowd Management
CJC-5020CX - Tactical Trauma Care for Law Enforcement Officers
CJC-5020CY - School Rampage Shooter
CJC-5020CZ - Advanced Crisis Negotiation Training
CJC-5020DA - Knife Defense Training
CJC-5020DB - The Joint Public Safety Response to the Active Shooter
CJC-5020DC - Advanced Tactical Dignitary Protection
CJC-5020DD - Combined Firearms Skills
CJC-5020DE - Critical Mindset
CJC-5020DG - Tactical Medical Self Help
CJC-5020DI - Active Shooter/Hostile Threat
CJC-5020DJ - CQB Tactical Room Clearing Techniques
CJC-5020DK - Basic Sniper Development
CJC-5020DM - Rescue Task Force Training
CJC-5020DN - Scenario Based Bldg Search
CJC-5020DO - Taser 7 CQ
CJC-5020DQ - Handcuffing & Prisoner Search
CJC-5020DR - ICS: Unified Command Review
CJC-5020DS - Integrating Communication, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) Classroom & Practical
CJC-5020DT - Public Order Management:, Initial Command Course
CJC-5020DU - Bldg Search Techniques for Patrol Officers
CJC-5020DV - Building Search Tactics for Patrol
CJC-5020DW - Executive Protection Training
CJC-5020EB - Tactical Firearms I
CJC-5020EC - Breacher 101
CJC-5020ED - Close Quarter Tactics
CJC-5020EF - Public Order Training Academy: Tactical Training Module
CJC-5020EG - Beyond SCAT
CJC-5020EH - Cooper's Test
CJC-5020EI - Impact Munitions Training
CJC-5020EK - Taser Certification
CJC-5020EL - Taser Recertification
CJC-5020F - Basic Hostage Negotiation
CJC-5020FF - Advanced SWAT
CJC-5020FG - Critical Mindset Lecture
CJC-5020JJ - Rapid Deployment
CJC-5020N - Defense Tactics: Expandable Baton
CJC-5020Q - Pepper Spray Refresher
CJC-5020T - Violent Fugitive Investigations
CJC-5020TT - Basic Special Weapons & Tactics
CJC-5020W - High Risk Apprehension Techniques
CJC-5020Y - OC Pepper Spray
CJC-5020Z - Weapon Mounted Light Systems
CJC-5025E - Report Writing for Law Enforcement Officers
CJC-5025I - Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention
CJC-5025R - C.I.T. for Telecommunicators
CJC-5025T - Patrol & Investigative Report Writing
CJC-5025U - Complex Case Development & Expansion
CJC-5025V - Report Writing & Courtroom Survival
CJC-5030A - Training for a Harassment Free Workplace Local Government Employee
CJC-5035AA - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AB - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AC - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AD - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AE - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AF - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AG - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AH - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AI - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AJ - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AK - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AL - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035AM - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035E - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035F - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035G - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035H - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035I - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035J - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035K - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035L - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035M - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035O - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035P - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035Q - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035R - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035S - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035T - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035U - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035V - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035W - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035X - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035Y - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5035Z - Corrections Specific Ops
CJC-5040A - Firearms Instructor Development
CJC-5040B - Instructor Development Utilizing MS Word & PowerPoint
CJC-5045C - Community Policing & Effective Problem Solving
CJC-5045F - Introduction to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CJC-5045G - Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CJC-5045H - Application of CPTED in School Security Surveys
CJC-5045J - Protester Violence: Planning for Prevention
CJC-5045N - Customer Service for Law Enforcement
CJC-5045P - In It Together: Brothers & Sisters of Public Safety
CJC-5045Q - Tactical Crime Control & Community Engagement
CJC-5045S - Basic Crime Prevention
CJC-5046A - Fair and Impartial Policing
CJC-5046B - Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement: Organizational Change Through Decision Making and Policy
CJC-5046C - Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement: Front-Line Officers
CJC-5047A - Conflict De-Escalation
CJC-5047B - Verbal De-Escalation
CJC-5047C - Surviving Verbal Conflict
CJC-5050D - Mental Health First Aid
CJC-5050E - Career Survival - The Finish Line
CJC-5050F - Heath Risk Reduction for LE
CJC-5050G - Workplace Professionalism
CJC-5050H - The Pain Behind the Badge
CJC-5050I - Managing Police Records
CJC-5050J - Managing Jail Records
CJC-5050L - Full Spectrum Honor Guard Training
CJC-5055A - Basic Professional Security Officer Training
CJC-5055B - Advanced Professional Security Office Training
CJC-5060A - K-9 Narcotics: Explosives Detection Techniques
CJC-5060B - K-9 Building/Area Search & Tracking
CJC-5060C - Supervising the K-9 Team
CJC-5060D - Advanced K9 Tracking Seminar
CJC-5060E - Police K-9: Odor Detection
CJC-5060F - Police Canine Apprehension
CJC-5060J - NC PDA Certification
CJC-5060K - Canine Maintenance Seminar
CJC-5060M - K-9 Detection & Problem Solving
CJC-5060N - Advanced Canine Utilization
CJC-5060O - Patrol K9 Tracking & Maintenance
CJC-5060P - Patrol Detection & K-9 Law
CJC-5060S - K9 and the Complete Traffic Stop
CJC-5060U - K-9 Decoy Training
CJC-5060W - Canine Training Philosophies
CJC-5060X - Canine Utilization & Problem Solving
COD-3101A - Code Enforcement: Law Adm Class
COD-3120A - Fire Prevention Standard Inspection Level I
COD-3120B - Fire Inspector CE
COD-3121A - Fire Prevention Inspection II
EMS-3041C - International Trauma Life Support
EMS-3041E - PreHospital ITLS
EMS-3042A - International Trauma Life Support Recert
EMS-3046A - Pediatric Adv Life Support (PALS)
EMS-3046B - Pediatric Advanced Life Support Recert
EMS-3048A - Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
EMS-3048B - ACLS Recertification
EMS-3081A - Emergency Medical Dispatch CE
EMS-3091B - National EMD
EMS-3096B - First Responder Refresher
EMS-3104A - ACLS Instructor
EMS-3105A - PALS Instructor
EMS-3163A - Basic Anat & Physiology
EMS-3200AG - Capnography
EMS-3200AK - Prehospital Trauma Life Support PHTLS
EMS-3200AQ - Flight & Critical Care Review
EMS-3200AR - ACLS/PALS/CPR Renewel
EMS-3200AW - Tactical Emergency Medical Provider Module 2
EMS-3200AX - Tactical Emergency Medical Provider Module 3
EMS-3200BA - EMS Cadaver Lab
EMS-3200BF - Mental Health First Aid
EMS-3200BG - Infection Control
EMS-3200BI - Basic EKG Review
EMS-3200BJ - Principles of Ethics & Personal Leadership
EMS-3200BK - Advanced 12 Lead EKG
EMS-3200BL - EMS Operations I
EMS-3200BO - Crew Resource Management
EMS-3200BP - Community Paramedic Motivational Interviewing
EMS-3200BQ - NAEMT Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
EMS-3200BS - Active Shooter
EMS-3200BT - Community Paramedic: Wellness & Nutrition
EMS-3200BU - Community Paramedic: Hospice & Palliative Care
EMS-3200BV - EMS Officer I
EMS-3200BW - Human Trafficking
EMS-3200BX - ALS Trauma Block
EMS-3200D - Working Together: Brothers & Sisters of Public Safety
EMS-3200H - EMS Special Topics
EMS-3200P - Advanced Medical Life Support
EMS-3200R - STEMI 12-lead Workshop
EMS-320AX - EMS Special Topics
EMS-4000A - SMAT 3 State Medical Assistance Team
EMS-4100A - Emergency Medical Responder Initial
EMS-4102A - Emergency Medical Responder CE
EMS-4103A - EMR to EMT Bridge
EMS-4200CI - Emergency Medical Technician Clinical
EMS-4202 - Emergency Medical Technician CE
EMS-4202A - EMT CE
EMS-4202AA - EMT B CE - Bloodborne Pathogens
EMS-4202B - Emergency Medical Technician CE
EMS-4202BCE - EMT Basic CE
EMS-4202G - EMT CE Cardiac
EMS-4202H - EMT CE Adult/Ped Resuscitation/CPR
EMS-4202I - EMT CE OB/Pediatrics
EMS-4202J - EMT CE Seasonal Emergencies
EMS-4202K - EMT CE M & M Trauma
EMS-4202L - EMT CE Pathophysiology/Disease Doc
EMS-4202M - EMT CE VFIS Driving/Operations
EMS-4202N - EMT CE OB/GYN Emergencies/Best Practice
EMS-4202O - EMT CE Adult/Pediatric Airway
EMS-4202P - EMT CE Pediatric Trauma
EMS-4202Q - EMT CE Medical Emergencies
EMS-4202R - EMT CE M & M Cardiac
EMS-4202S - EMT CE Hazmat Refresh/BB Pathogens
EMS-4202U - EMT CE Pharmacology/Medication Review
EMS-4202V - EMT CE Ped Med Emerg/Best Practices
EMS-4202W - EMT CE Ped Respiratory Emergencies
EMS-4202X - EMT B CE Medical Emergencies
EMS-4202Y - EMT CE Cold Emergencies
EMS-4300CL - Advanced Emergency Medical Tech Initial
EMS-4301A - Advanced Emergency Med Tech Refresher
EMS-4302A - Advanced Emergency Medical Tech CE
EMS-4302E - AEMT CE Skills
EMS-4302G - AEMT CE - Cardiac
EMS-4302H - AEMT CE Adult & Pediatric CPR
EMS-4302I - AEMT CE OB/Pediatrics
EMS-4302J - AEMT CE Seasonal Emergencies/Best Practices
EMS-4302K - AEMT CE M & M Trauma
EMS-4302L - AEMT CE Pathophysiology
EMS-4302M - AEMT CE VFIS Driving/Operations
EMS-4302N - AEMT CE OB/GYN Emergencies/Best Practices
EMS-4302O - AEMT CE Adult/Pediatric Airway
EMS-4302P - AEMT CE Pediatric Trauma
EMS-4302Q - AEMT CE Medical Emergencies
EMS-4302R - AEMT CE M & M Cardiac
EMS-4302S - AEMT CE Hazmat Refresher/BBP
EMS-4302T - AEMT CE Peds/Pat. w Special Challenges
EMS-4302U - AEMT CE Pharm/Medication Review
EMS-4302V - AEMT CE Ped Medic Emerg/ Best Practices
EMS-4302W - AEMT CE Ped Respiratory Emergencies
EMS-4402A - Paramedic CE
EMS-4402AA - Paramedic CE Medical Emergencies
EMS-4402B - Paramedic CE Skills
EMS-4402C - Paramedic: Medical Emergencies
EMS-4402D - Paramedic CE OB/Pediatrics
EMS-4402E - Paramedic CE Seasonal Emergencies/Best Practices
EMS-4402F - Paramedic CE M & M Trauma
EMS-4402G - Paramedic CE Cardiac
EMS-4402H - Paramedic CE OB/GYN Emergencies
EMS-4402I - Paramedic CE Adult/Pediatric Airway
EMS-4402J - Paramedic CE Pediatric Trauma
EMS-4402K - Paramedic CE Ped Medical Emergencies
EMS-4402L - Paramedic CE Pathophysiology
EMS-4402M - Paramedic CE Adult/Ped CPR
EMS-4402N - EMT P CE Ped/Pat w Special Challenges
EMS-4402O - Paramedic CE Ped Respiratory Emergency
EMS-4402R - Medication Administration
EMS-4402S - Paramedic CE Hazmat Refresher/ BBP
EMS-4402T - Paramedic CE Cold Emergencies
EMS-4402U - Paramedic CE VFIS Driving/Operations
EMS-4402V - Paramedic CE M & M Cardiac
EMS-4402W - Paramedic CE Pharm/Medication Review
EMS-4402X - Stroke/Neurological
EMS-4402Y - Paramedic CE: Burns
EMS-4402Z - Environmental Emergencies
EMS-4500A - Ems Education & Admin Level II
EMS-4502A - Ems Instructor Methodology
EMS-4600A - Flight and Critical Care Review
EPT-3001A - NC Emergency Manager 101
EPT-3002A - NC Emergency Manager 102
EPT-3500A - Blue Card Command Certification
EPT-3500C - Medical Response to Bombing Incidents
EPT-3500D - Response to the Active Shooter
EPT-3500F - PPE Measures for Biological Events
EPT-3500G - Medical Management of CBRNE Events
EPT-3500H - Leadership in Supervision Creating Env.
EPT-3500I - Leadership in Supervision: Perspectives in Thinking
EPT-3500J - Leadership in Sup Frameworks to Success
EPT-3500L - Wilderness Land Navigation
EPT-3600A - Emergency Mgmt Special Topics
EPT-3600E - Op Level Response Hazmat/WMD Incidents
EPT-3600F - Emergency Telecommunicator
EPT-3600G - Emergency Fire Dispatcher
EPT-3600H - Emergency Police Dispatcher
EPT-3600I - Managing the Inland Search Function
EPT-3600J - Critical Incident Stress Management
EPT-3600K - IMT - 0305
EPT-3701A - UAS Drone Intro/Pub Saf Pt A
EPT-3701B - UAS Drone Intro/Pub Saf Pt2
EPT-4100A - NIMS: ICS-100 & ICS-700
EPT-4200A - NIMS: ICS 200
EPT-4300A - ICS 300
EPT-4400A - ICS 400
EPT-4800A - NIMS: ICS 800
EPT-4960A - All-Hazards Div/Group Supervisor
EPT-5100A - Emergency Operation Center
EPT-5100B - EOC Interface ICS Class G191
EPT-5202A - Community Emergency Response Team
EPT-5202C - Community Emergency RT CPR
EPT-5300A - Public Information Officer
EPT-5311A - Critical Incident Stress Mgmt
EPT-5801A - Managing Land Search Ops
EPT-5801B - Managing Inland Search Functions
EPT-5801C - SARTopo
EPT-5802A - Land Search Field Team Member
FIP-3030A - FF 2019 - Firefighter Series
FIP-3031A - Firefighter 2019 - Block 01
FIP-3032A - Firefighter 2019 - Block 02
FIP-3033A - Firefighter 2019 - Block 03
FIP-3040A - FF General and Comm (FF 2019)
FIP-3041A - FF Fireground Ops 1 (FF 2019)
FIP-3042A - FF Fireground Ops 2 (FF 2019)
FIP-3043A - FF Fireground Ops 3 (FF 2019)
FIP-3044A - FF Fireground Ops 4 (FF 2019)
FIP-3045A - FF Fireground Ops 5 (FF 2019)
FIP-3046A - FF Fireground Ops 6 (FF 2019)
FIP-3047A - FF Fireground Ops 7 (FF 2019)
FIP-3048A - FF Fireground Ops 8 (FF 2019)
FIP-3049A - FF Fireground Ops 9 (FF 2019)
FIP-3050A - FF Rescue Ops 1 (FF 2019)
FIP-3051B - FF FLSE Initiatives (FF 2019)
FIP-3500D - NFA Incident Safety Officer
FIP-3500H - NFA Strategy & Tactics/Initial Co. Ops
FIP-3500I - NFA Preparation for Initial Comp. Ops.
FIP-3500L - NFA Decision Making for Initial Co. Ops
FIP-3500M - NFA Health & Safety
FIP-3500O - NFA Juvenile Fire Setter II
FIP-3500P - NFA New Fire Chief:, Challenging Issues
FIP-3500Q - NFA New Fire Chief: Administrative Issues
FIP-3500R - NFA Leadership in Supervision Creating Environments for Professional Growth
FIP-3500S - NFA Leadership in Supervision Perspective in Thinking
FIP-3517A - NFA Leadership Growth
FIP-3518A - NFA Leadership Perspectives
FIP-3519A - NFA Leadership Frameworks
FIP-3519B - NFA Leadership in Supervision Framework to Success
FIP-3556A - HM Ops (Chapters 4/5/6.2/6.6)
FIP-3563A - HM Technician (Chapter 7)
FIP-3600A - Emergency Vehicle Driver
FIP-3623A - D/O Pumps Intro/Basic Ops
FIP-3624A - D/O Pumps Hydr/Water Supply
FIP-3625A - D/O Pumps Spr&Sps/Maint&Test
FIP-3626A - D/O Aerial Apparatus Series
FIP-3627A - D/O Mobile Water Supply App
FIP-3713A - Fire Officer III
FIP-3716A - Fire Chief 101-2020 Ed
FIP-3717A - Fire Chief 101 Update-2020 Ed
FIP-3718A - Fire Officer I-2020 Ed
FIP-3719A - Fire Officer II-2020 Ed
FIP-3811A - Fire Instructor I
FIP-3812A - Fire Instructor II
FIP-3813A - Fire Instructor III
FIP-4001A - Wildland Fire Suppression
FIP-4630A - FLSE Educator Level I
FIP-4631A - FLSE Educator Level II
FIP-4632A - FLSE Educator Level III
FIP-4711A - SCBA Breathing Apparatus
FIP-4714A - Live Structural Burn Training
FIP-4728A - ACT Team Training
FIP-4728AB - Incident Command Review
FIP-4728AG - Firefighter Skills
FIP-4728AH - Non Cert EVD
FIP-4728AI - Leadership in Fire Service
FIP-4728AK - FF I & II: Pre-Ropes
FIP-4728AL - Haz-Mat Monitors
FIP-4728AP - Fire Practical Evolutions
FIP-4728AQ - Non Cert Extrication
FIP-4728AR - Non Cert Foam
FIP-4728AS - Non Cert Fire Control
FIP-4728AT - Advanced Trench Rescue
FIP-4728AU - Non Cert Water Supplies
FIP-4728AV - Non Cert Aerial Operations
FIP-4728AX - Non Cert Water Hauling
FIP-4728BB - Non Cert Ventilation
FIP-4728BD - Simulator Defensive Driving
FIP-4728BF - Haz-Mat Chlorine Leaks
FIP-4728BG - Non Cert Self Survival Skills
FIP-4728BH - Forcible Entry
FIP-4728BI - Fire Behavior
FIP-4728BL - RIT Team Training
FIP-4728BQ - Radiological & Air Monitoring
FIP-4728BR - LPG Burn
FIP-4728BU - Fire Engine & Truck Operation
FIP-4728BV - ATV in Emergency Class
FIP-4728BW - Non-Cert Pump Service Testing
FIP-4728BY - Non Cert LPG Burn
FIP-4728BZ - Large Animal Rescue Class
FIP-4728CB - Non Cert Forcible Entry
FIP-4728CH - Non Cert ICS
FIP-4728CK - Non Cert Fire Extinguisher
FIP-4728CL - Non Cert Helicopter LZ
FIP-4728CN - Non Cert Vehicle Extrication & Stabilization
FIP-4728CR - Aircraft Rescue Firefighting
FIP-4728CU - FF I & II: Pre-Ladders
FIP-4728CW - Managing Land Search
FIP-4728CX - Child Safety Seat Initial
FIP-4728CY - High Rise Operation
FIP-4728CZ - Large Building Rescue
FIP-4728DA - FF I & II: Fire Department History
FIP-4728DD - Rapid Intervention Team Training
FIP-4728DH - Non Cert Rescue Topics
FIP-4728DJ - Fire Command Training
FIP-4728DM - FFI & II Pre-Fire Behavior
FIP-4728DQ - Dive Tender
FIP-4728DR - Max Fire Box Training
FIP-4728DS - Advanced Driving Course
FIP-4728DT - Non-Cert Block I Firefighter
FIP-4728DU - Non-Cert Block II Firefighter
FIP-4728DV - Non-Cert Block III Firefighter
FIP-4728DW - Non Cert FF General & Communications
FIP-4728DX - Non Cert FF FG Ops 1
FIP-4728DY - Swiftwater Awareness
FIP-4728DZ - NFPA 1403 Subjects 2022
FIP-4728EB - Pre-Fire Control
FIP-4728EC - Pre Water Supplies
FIP-4728ED - Pre Fire Hose Streams & Appliances
FIP-4728EX - Fire Officer Development
FIP-4728FA - FFI & II - Pre-Ventilation
FIP-4728FB - Engine Company Operation
FIP-4728FC - Vehicle Stabilization
FIP-4728FF - SCBA Training
FIP-4728FK - Tower Rescue
FIP-4728FN - Rail Car Incident Response
FIP-4728FP - Fire Chaplain 101
FIP-4728FR - The Art of Reading Smoke
FIP-4728FW - Thermal Imaging Camera
FIP-4728GE - Non Cert Driver Qualification
FIP-4728GG - Ladders Company Ops
FIP-4728GK - Risk Management Class
FIP-4728GM - HazMat CE
FIP-4728GO - May Day
FIP-4728GP - The Company Officer Academy
FIP-4728GR - Non Cert Alarms & Communications
FIP-4728GY - Mutual Aid Training
FIP-4728H - Confined Space Rescue
FIP-4728HA - Open Water Dive Training
FIP-4728HB - Pre TR General Rescue Rigging
FIP-4728HJ - Fire Department Orientation
FIP-4728HP - Non Cert Live Burn
FIP-4728HQ - Ladder & Engine Company Functions
FIP-4728HU - Non Cert PPE
FIP-4728HV - Non Cert Hydraulics
FIP-4728HW - Firefighter Cancer
FIP-4728HY - Non Cert Orientation & Safety
FIP-4728HZ - Non Cert Building Construction
FIP-4728IA - Non Cert Fire & Life Safety Preparedness
FIP-4728IB - Jailer CE
FIP-4728IC - Recert ACE CE
FIP-4728ID - Rapid Deployment Training
FIP-4728IE - Active Shooter
FIP-4728II - Strategy & Tactics
FIP-4728IJ - Hose Deployment & Advancement
FIP-4728IM - Non Cert Pump Maintenance
FIP-4728IN - NonCert Driver Operator
FIP-4728IO - Fire Investigator Tech
FIP-4728IP - NCRIC Pilot Program
FIP-4728IQ - NCRRS Rating Class
FIP-4728IR - Nozzle Forward
FIP-4728IS - Intro to Truck Company Ops
FIP-4728IT - Indoc/Proctor Class
FIP-4728IU - Train the Trainer
FIP-4728IV - Laddering With a Purpose
FIP-4728IW - Live Burn Upgrade Instructor Class
FIP-4728IX - Instructor Upgrade
FIP-4728IY - On the Job and Off
FIP-4728IZ - Retirement Planning 101
FIP-4728J - Special Topics in Fire and Rescue
FIP-4728JA - Case Study: East Tennessee Fire
FIP-4728JB - FLSA: What We Currently Know
FIP-4728JC - ISO Update
FIP-4728JD - Division Ops Using Passport Acc System
FIP-4728JE - Instructor Development
FIP-4728JF - Company Officer Challenges
FIP-4728JG - The Passion of Training: Moral Imperative
FIP-4728JH - NFPA Update
FIP-4728JI - Short Handed Firefighting
FIP-4728JK - Leading Excellence Through Cont Improve
FIP-4728JL - North Carolina Peer Support
FIP-4728JM - Long Term Recovery
FIP-4728JN - 21st Century Truck Company Officer
FIP-4728JO - Helping You Plan for the Future
FIP-4728JP - Recruit/Retention Cultivating Motivation
FIP-4728JQ - Challenges Todays Chief Officers
FIP-4728JR - Flashover
FIP-4728JS - Ropse Emergency Medical Specialist
FIP-4728JT - Accreditation 101
FIP-4728JU - Line of Duty Deaths
FIP-4728JV - Employment by Law
FIP-4728JW - Front Yard Leadership for Fire Service
FIP-4728JX - Fire Bridge
FIP-4728JY - Blind Spots for the Fire Service
FIP-4728JZ - Make a Difference
FIP-4728KA - Firefighter Suicide
FIP-4728KB - Alternative Lifestyles for Fire Service
FIP-4728KC - High Performance Leadership
FIP-4728KD - Traning Center & Its Partners
FIP-4728KE - FD Culture & Bullying
FIP-4728KF - Organization Engagement
FIP-4728KG - Firefighter Health
FIP-4728KH - Autism Recognition
FIP-4728KI - Community Risk Reduction
FIP-4728KJ - Workforce Solutions
FIP-4728KL - When Violence Strikes
FIP-4728KM - Tree Rescue
FIP-4728KO - Advanced Diving
FIP-4728KP - Drone Pilot License
FIP-4728KQ - Drone Photography
FIP-4728KR - Technical Rope Rescue
FIP-4728KS - TR High Directional
FIP-4728KT - TR Single Rescuer Movement
FIP-4728KU - Firefighter Safety: Everyone Goes Home?
FIP-4728KV - Water Rescue CE
FIP-4728L - Firefighter Fitness
FIP-4728M - Flashover Chamber
FIP-4728MA - Firstline First Responder Trauma Recover
FIP-4728MM - Water Hauling
FIP-4728N - HazMat Decontamination
FIP-4728PP - Non-Certification SCBA
FIP-4728Q - Haz-Mat Refresher
FIP-4728QQ - Non-Certification Fire Department Topics
FIP-4728R - Haz-Mat Update
FIP-4728SS - Non-Cert Fire Services Ropes
FIP-4728XX - Non-Cert Pump Operation
FIP-4728ZZ - Non-Certification Ladders
FIP-4731A - Airport Fire Fighter
FIP-4903A - Hazardous Materials: Recertification
FIP-4905A - NFA Haz-Mat: Chemistry
FIP-5586A - Marine FF Land-Based
FIP-5710A - TR VR Vehicle Rescue Block
FIP-5711A - TR VR Rescue Ops/Vehicle Rescue
FIP-5712A - TR VR Vehicle Anatomy/New Tech
FIP-5713A - TR VR Stabilization/Extrication
FIP-5714A - TR VR Large Vehicle Rescue
FIP-5715A - TR VR Victim Management
FIP-5720A - TR MAG-Machinery and Ag Block
FIP-5801A - Ropes: Rescue Operations
FIP-5802A - TR Ropes Anchors
FIP-5803A - TR Ropes Mechanical Advantage
FIP-5804A - TR Ropes Fixed Ropes Systems
FIP-5805A - TR Ropes Lowers and Raises
FIP-5806A - TR Ropes Highlines
FIP-5807A - Ropes: Victim Management
FIP-5900A - TR Confined Space (Series)
FIP-5901A - TR: Rescue Operations
FIP-5902A - TR-CS: Rescue Rigging
FIP-5903A - TR-CS: Hazard Control
FIP-5904A - TR: Victim Management
FIP-6100A - TR Trench Block Course
FIP-6300A - TR Wilderness Block Course
FIP-6404A - TR Water Block Course
FIP-6411A - Rapid Intervention Series (RIC 2020)
FIP-6412A - Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC 2020)
FIP-6413A - Mayday/Safety & Survival - RIC2020
FIP-6500A - TR Technical Rescuer Block
FIP-6501A - TR Rescue Operations
FIP-6502A - TR Anchors & MAS
FIP-6503A - TR Fixed Rope Systems
FIP-6504A - TR Health and Wellness
FIP-6505A - TR Helicopter Transport
FIP-6506A - TR Horizontal Systems
FIP-6507A - TR Lowers and Raises
FIP-6508A - TR Personal Protective Equip
FIP-6509A - TR Rescue Equipment
FIP-6510A - TR Rope Basics
FIP-6511A - TR Victim Management
FIP-7000A - Traffic Incident Management
FIP-7001A - FF/TR Emergency Medical Care
HAZ-3061A - HAZMAT Awareness
OSH-3003B - OSHA 10
OSH-3003C - Ergo & LOTO
OSH-3013C - OSHA 10 Construction Safety
SAF-3010B - CPR Recertification
SAF-3010D - CPR/First Aid
SAF-3010G - CPR/AED Recertification
SAF-3023A - CPR Instructor's Course
SEF-3001AA - Driver Operator - EVD
SEF-3001AQ - CPR
SEF-3001AW - FF I & II - Orientation & Safety
SEF-3001AX - FF I & II - Fire Behavior
SEF-3001AY - FF I & II - Fire Control
SEF-3001BA - FF I & II - Fire Alarms & Communication
SEF-3001BB - FF I & II - Sprinklers
SEF-3001BC - FF I & II Building Construction
SEF-3001BD - FF I & II - Portable Fire Extinguishers
SEF-3001BF - FF I & II - Hose, Appliances, Streams
SEF-3001BH - FF I & II- Ventilation
SEF-3001BI - FF I & II - PPE
SEF-3001BJ - FF I & II- Forcible Entry
SEF-3001CE - First Aid
SEF-3001DV - FF &I & II: Emergency Medical Care
SEF-3001ED - Driver Operator Pump Hydraulics
SEF-3001EF - Driver Operator Sprinklers & Sandpipes
SEF-3001EY - CPR Recertification
SEF-3001FG - Non Cert Fire Topics
SEF-3001FR - Driver Operator: Basic Pump Operations
SEF-3001FW - Driver Operator Pump Water Supply
SEF-3001IR - Ropes: Raises and Lowers
SEF-3001MC - TR VMR Stabilization & Extrication
SEF-3001NC - EMS Practical Skills
SEF-3001QT - Emergency Telecommunicator
SEF-3001QZ - Active Shooter
SEF-3001RT - FLSE II : Administration
SEF-3001RV - FF Health and Wellness
SEF-3001RX - FF Orientation & Safety
SEF-3001SA - FF Building Construction
SEF-3001SK - FF Loss Control
SEF-3001SL - FF Portable Fire Extinguishers
SEF-3001SN - FF Life Safety Preparedness
SEF-3001TE - Mayday
SEF-3001TI - Selected Topics in Safety
SEF-3001U - FF I & II - Ropes
SEF-3001UC - CPR & First Aid
SEF-3001UO - TR Raises and Lowers
SEF-3001UR - Effective DV Response: Why Changing, Mindsets Improves Offender, Accountability
SEF-3001V - FF I & II - Foam Fire Streams
SEF-3001VF - CPR/AED/First Aid Recert
SEF-3001VJ - CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
SEF-3001VP - Firefighter Skills
SEF-3001VS - ACLS Renewal
SEF-3001VV - TR Fixed Ropes
SEF-3001VX - TR Vehicle Block
SEF-3001VZ - Tactical Emergency Medical Provider: Module 1
SEF-3001WA - TR Lowers and Raises
SEF-3001WK - Ff Fireground Ops 2 (ff2019)
SEF-3001WS - Fire & Life Safety Educator II
SEF-3001X - EMT Basic CE
SEF-3001XE - Fireground Ops 5
SEF-3001XL - LC Time Management
SEF-3001XY - Fireground Ops 7
SEF-3001Y - EMT Intermediate CE
WLF-2201A - Wildland Firefighter Training
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