Work-Based Learning is a unique academic program in which students integrate classroom learning with real world work experience. Students blend classroom theories into practice as they spend one or more semesters with a company or organization related to their program of study. Students who are already employed in their field of study or performing duties relevant to their field of study can also participate in Work-Based Learning to earn academic credit by using their own job as their internship. To get started please complete a Work-Based Learning application and contact a Work-Based Learning Internship Developer.
To learn more about the program, listen to Hanif Miller’s interview.

Experience the Future

In Work-Based Learning students will:
  • Receive academic credit,
  • Gain career-related work experience,
  • Explore career possibilities,
  • Increase marketability after graduation,
  • Use specialized facilities and state-of-the-art equipment on the job, and
  • Build an impressive resume and collection of references.

For More Information

Based on your program, contact one of our Work-Based Learning Coordinators for assistance! Both are located at our CBTC campus.
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