Corporate & Continuing Education provides a wide range of learning opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations in Rowan and Cabarrus counties seeking personal or professional development. These learning opportunities include training and development specifically customized to meet your organizations’ needs or you may choose to send individual members of your workforce to one of our many open-to-the-public training offerings.
Our professional development programs provide training and educational opportunities for pharmacy technicians, automotive mechanics, contractors, real estate agents, notary public, IT professionals and more. Take advantage of our fully online training courses in subjects ranging from IT to finance, writing, social media management and public speaking and more. Our classes can broaden your perspective in your current field or help you explore a new one.

Program Streams

ACC-3107D - QuickBooks & Your Business: Accounting Style
ACC-3107H - Quickbooks Pro 2015 Level 1
ACC-3107I - Quickbooks Pro 2015 Level 2
ACC-3240A - Municipal Finance
APP-3612C - NCAEC Electrical III
APP-3618A - Apprenticeship: Mechanical Principles I
APP-3618D - Apprentice: Predictive Maintenance
APP-3618E - Apprentice: Maintenance Industrial Fabrication
APP-3618F - Predictive Maintenance
ATR-3115A - Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller
AUT-3109A - Auto Body Repair
CAR-3108C - Carpentry: Core Skills
CAR-3112A - Light Construction Bldg Trades
CAR-3118B - Residential Contractor License Exam Review
CCT-3110B - Introduction to Security Fundamentals
CCT-3110C - Cybersecurity Awareness
CIS-3100A - Computer Basics
COD-3105A - Building Inspection I
COD-3106A - Building Inspection II
COD-3107A - Building Inspection III
COD-3120A - Fire Prevention Standard Inspection Level I
COD-3121A - Fire Prevention Inspection II
COD-3140A - Plumbing I: Standard Inspection
COD-3142A - Plumbing Inspection Level 3
COM-3711D - Communication Skills
COM-3711E - Communication Skills
COM-3711F - Communication Skills
COM-3711G - Communication Skills
CST-3110A - Construction Core Skills
CTP-3001ADJ - LC LeadFund II
CTP-3001ADK - LC EffeTeam I
CTP-3001ADL - LC EffeTeam II
CTP-3001ADM - LC StressMgmt
CTP-3001ADN - LC Titl Laws Cost
CTP-3001ADO - LC TimeMgmt
CTP-3001ADP - LC EmployEngage
CTP-3001ADQ - LC EffecCom
CTP-3001ADR - LC OverWork Dysfunction
CTP-3001ADS - LC AuthGlas Ceiling
CTP-3001ADT - LC EffectiveHire
CTP-3001ADU - LC RecoPers Types
CTP-3001ADV - LC SafeFvio Violations
CTP-3001ADW - LC Competitive Employers
CTP-3001ADX - LC CrosGene Communication
CTP-3001ADY - LC SharedSucc
CTP-3001ADZ - LC StrategicThink
CTP-3001AEA - One On One
CTP-3001AEB - Vanquish Comm
CTP-3001AEC - Vanquish Tract
CTP-3001AEE - DuPont CPR/FA
CTP-3001AEF - DuPont Ergo
CTP-3001AEG - DuPont  Fire Ext
CTP-3001AEH - DuPont 5S
CTP-3001AEI - DuPont EffLead
CTP-3001AEJ - DuPont ChgMgmt
CTP-3001AEK - DuPont HazCom
CTP-3001AEL - DuPont LOTO
CTP-3001AEM - DuPont OSHA 10
CTP-3001AEN - DuPont LeanMan
CTS-3255A - A+ CompTIA Prep Core 1
CTS-3255EP - A+ CompTIA Cert Exam Prep
DFT-3100C - AutoCAD
ELC-3014A - Snap-On Tools 525 Multi-Meter Certification
ELC-3016A - NEC 1-Year Update
FLI-3717F - Medical Spanish
LEX-3874A - Notary Public Education
MAS-3002A - Laying Brick & Concrete Block to a Line
MEC-3010E - Machining Principles
MEC-3010F - Machining Technology II
MEC-3187E - Decoupled Molding
MEC-3187F - Train the Trainer Qualifications (Plastic Manufacturing Processes)
MEC-3187H - Advanced eDART Training
MKT-3438AA - Customer Service VII
MKT-3438AC - Customer Service
MKT-3438AD - Customer Service I
MKT-3438AE - Customer Service II
MNT-3065D - Maintenance Mechanics: BluePrint Reading
MNT-3103A - Forklift Operator
MNT-3103B - Fork Lift Operator 12 Hours
NET-3100CEP - Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exam Prep
OST-3100EEP - MS Specialist Excel Exam Prep
OST-3100P - MS Excel 2016 Boot Camp
OST-3100Q - MS Office 2016 Boot Camp
OST-3100R - MS Outlook
OST-3100S - Office Software Applications
OST-3100WEP - MS Specialist Word Exam Prep
OST-3100WRD - Introduction to Word
OST-3100X - MS Office 2019 Fundamentals
PLU-3020AC - Pipe Fabrication Level 4
REA-3804A - Residential Market Analysis
RLS-3500A - Real Estate Review
RLS-3512A - Property Management
RLS-3700PL - Real Estate Pre-Licensing
RLS-3702A - Broker Relationships and Responsibilities
RLS-3703BC - Broker Contracts and Closing
RLS-3704A - Broker Special Topics
RLS-3706A - Post 303: NC Law, Rules & Legal Concept
SEF-3001AN - Project Management Fundamentals
SEF-3001JV - Leadership
SEF-3001MX - "And the Commission says"
SEF-3001NX - Online Instructor Certification
SEF-3001PI - SHRM-CP/SCP Test Prep
SEF-3001PN - Lead Renovator Refresher
SEF-3001QR - The Contract Maze
SEF-3001RD - Lead Renovator
SEF-3001TD - Realtor Code of Ethics
SEF-3001UH - Real Estate: General Update
SEF-3001UK - Agency Art or Agony
SEF-3001UX - Electronic Notary
SEF-3001VA - And the Court Said ...
SEF-3001VB - Between the Lines: Insights From the Real Estate Bulletin
SEF-3001VC - Electrical III
SEF-3001VR - Motorsports Marketing
SEF-3001WB - Riding the Age Wave
SEF-3001XF - LC LeadFund I
SEF-3001XG - LC LeadFund II
SEF-3001XH - LC EffeTeam I
SEF-3001XI - LC EffeTeam II
SEF-3001XJ - LC Stress Mgmt
SEF-3001XK - LC Titl Laws Cost
SEF-3001XM - LC EmployEngage
SEF-3001XN - LC EffecCom
SEF-3001XO - LC Over Work Dysfunction
SEF-3001XP - LC AuthGlas Ceiling
SEF-3001XQ - LC Effective Hire
SEF-3001XR - LC RecoPers Types
SEF-3001XS - LC SafeFvio Violations
SEF-3001XT - LC Competitive Employers
SEF-3001XU - LC CrosGene Communication
SEF-3001XV - LC DynamChg
SEF-3001XW - LC StrategicThink
SEF-3001XX - One On One
SEF-3001YB - Core Supervision & Coaching Skills
SEF-3001YC - LC III Catalyst  
SEF-3001YF - Drawing Fundamentals I
WLD-3106AC - Welding Level 1
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